Everything Bad is Good for You

Quick Thoughts:
  1. This book is an argument that we're getting smarter and it's caused by popular culture.  And it's fun.  I'm not sure it holds together as he isn't able to provide much more than a correlation between the increasing complexity of popular culture and a rise in IQ scores.  That said, the author trashes the argument that video games and TV are making us stupid.
  2. I really loved the section on games and how they have changed over the years.  Granted, I've been living this trendline since I was... very young.  But the argument carried weight with me.  Expecially the parts about telescoping and problem solving.
  3. The TV argument is pretty fun too.  TV is more complex that it used to be.  Comparing the number of threadlines today versus the early 80s and earlier really holds up.
  4. If you like bucking against the conventional wisdom that pop culture makes us worse off, you'll enjoy the writer's argument.  Personally, I can't stand hearing people moan about how reality TV means we're in a cultural decline.  So this book suited me just fine.

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